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The Mercy Aymes Series

A story of a young girl's struggle to discover who and what she is in the years following the strange circumstances surrounding the sudden disappearance of her parents.
After growing up in several turbulent foster homes, once again Mercy finds her world turned upside down after she's thrust into the prestigious and most opulent of boarding schools; the converted Lincoln Cathedral.
In a bid to escape her tormentors and grief, Mercy discovers something  hidden within the great library, and it's about to rock her world.
With no idea she's about to become the catalyst in reigniting an age old war; Lucifer's rebellion. His desire to find his way back into Heaven and claim God's throne for himself, is the driving force behind his persistent search for a way in, and Mercy Aymes might just be what he needs to succeed.
When Mercy's guilty secret fractures her soul and threatens to destroy the tentative calm between the realms,  she must battle her own demons before she dances with the Devil and Romances Death.


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